Lead Generation

Generate quality leads with our top-notch lead generation services.

Lead generation is the first step to bringing potential customers to the business. The process aims to generate the interest of the customers in the services and products offered by the business. Every company strives to generate relevant, and quality leads to boost sales. At marketingroot, we help brands to generate more quality leads through a well-calculated and strategic approach.

We assist businesses in reaching out to the right prospects at the right time and the right place. We offer hot leads to the businesses to ensure optimum conversions.



Benefits of Lead Generation

Quality Leads

Quality leads are vital for the growth and success of a business. Our marketing experts collaborate with the internal marketing team of brands to develop plans and capture high-quality leads for the business.

Reduced Costs

We, at marketingroot, help brands lower their cost-per-lead. We leverage the best methods to lower costs and improve conversion rates.

More Sales and Revenue

The increase in qualified leads increases the sales of the businesses. It automatically boosts the revenue of the brands.

How We Do it?

We are a leading online lead generation company. We adopt different ways to generate more leads for our valuable clients.

Lead Generation through Social Media Marketing

We assist brands in designing and launching compelling offers on social media platforms to attract leads like a magnet. Our experts are proficient in designing targeted social media ads for more quality leads.

Lead Generation through Facebook Ads/ Google Ads

We combine Facebook ads and Google ads to get the most qualified leads for businesses. We create new strategies and compelling campaigns to efficiently generate more leads.

Lead Generation through Websites

We help businesses get quality leads from websites by creating holistic, high-quality, and valuable content for the intended audience. We ensure strategic placement of clearly visible and strong call-to-action.

Lead Generation through URL Tracking

We enable companies to generate more relevant and qualified leads through URL tracking. We track the URL and find out the real source of the traffic. We analyze the behavior of visitors, optimize websites, and ensure the generation of more leads.

Lead Generation through Effective Online Advertising

Our professional experts are well-versed in online marketing strategies for better lead generation. We leverage content marketing for the establishment of thought leadership. We make use of segmented email marketing to generate more qualified leads for businesses.

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